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Background of the Resource Centre

The Resource Centre opened for the first time at the same time as the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics program (English language Teaching for Science and Technology) in 1984. At that time, the Resource Centre was under the control of the Department of Social Studies and Linguistics, Faculty of Industrial Education and Science. When the Faculty of Science separated from the Faculty of Industrial Education, the Resource Centre came under the control of the Department of Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Industrial Education. In 2000, the School of Liberal Arts was constituted, and the Resource Centre came under the control of the Department of Applied Linguistics, School of Liberal Arts. In 2006, the Centre for Information and Learning was established, and the Resource Centre has been under the control of the Centre for Information and Learning since that time. The Resource Centre provides services to lecturers, Master & Doctoral students, and insiders and outsiders of the university. During the time that the Resource Centre has opened, the number of users has increased every year.

The Resource Centre has developed continuously, in term of both resources and multimedia management systems. Initially, the Resource Centre used the Dewey system to manage books and multimedia. Later, the Resource Centre changed the categorization system from the Dewey system to a subject management system, more appropriate for searching and organizing resource in a specialist centre. In addition, the Resource Centre has changed the search resource system from a name card system to an online database system, so that book and multimedia resources in the Resource Centre can be searched by using the online databases:

Resource Centre Database

Research Methods Database

Big Applied Linguistics Database 

Now, the Resource Centre uses a barcode system to link the online databases to the borrowing system for books and multimedia. For these reasons, the Resource Centre room provides modern and valuable data resources for liberal arts.

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