Richard Watson Todd is Associate Dean for Research. He is also Associate Professor 
in the Department of Language.

Contact:, 0-2470-8792
Stephen Louw is a Researcher and also a lecturer in the Department of Language. 
His research interests centre around issues in language teaching education.

Contact:, 0-2470-8794
Punjaporn Pojanapunya is a Researcher. She conducts research in several areas of 
Applied Linguistics, including discourse analysis, materials design, computer-mediated
communication, and language learning motivation. Her special interests include 
keyword analysis, corpus linguistics, and corpus-based discourse analysis.

Contact:, 0-2470-8794
Saranya Saranchat is a General Administrative Officer. She has worked for Research Support. 
Her responsibilities are research funding coordinating, collecting and providing SoLA research
database, research ethics process, etc.

Contact:, 0-2470-8795