The Data Analysis Support Unit (DASU) has been set up to facilitate quantitative research by providing the following services:

  • Consultations concerning statistics, especially choice of statistic.
  • Analysis of quantitative data.
  • Interpretation of results of analysis.
  • Evaluation of the reliability of research instruments.

These services are provided for quantitative data and research goals where SPSS is the most appropriate program to use. The service is specifically designed for those situations where the data collected needs to be analysed using complex statistics or where sub-groups of subjects need to be selected.


Anyone wishing to use the services of DASU should contact Punjaporn Pojanapunya (Room LNG201, Tel: 0 2470 8744, e-mail: punjaporn.poj@kmutt.ac.th) to arrange meetings.


If the support required involves only a brief consultation (e.g. for advice concerning choice of statistics), this can be done directly with the DASU consultant and no charge will be made.

If further support is required the client must have clear goals of the sort of information they would like to obtain from the research and a research plan. After meeting the DASU consultant and providing the data in an appropriate format, results of analysis and interpretation will be provided within 7 days. If the results indicate that a further round of analysis is required, this will be done up to a maximum of 3 further rounds.


Costs for consultations, data analysis and interpretation will vary depending on the quantity and complexity of work involved. Generally, costs are likely to fall within the following ranges:

For KMUTT teachers and staff:7,000 – 10,000 baht
For KMUTT postgraduates:4,000 – 7,000 baht

The main DASU consultant is Ajarn Surapong. Additional consultants may include Ajarn Rireungrong, Ajarn Wanpen and Ajarn Jureeporn, depending on demand for DASU services.