What is TETET?

Test of English for Thai Engineers and Technicians or TETET is a computer-based test designed to measure the English skills needed by engineers and technicians in workplace environments in Thailand. TETET can be used by both companies and universities.

Companies can use TETET to evaluate the English proficiency of candidates applying for employment and of employees considered for promotion or new responsibilities.

Universities can use TETET to provide a measure of students’ engineering-specific English proficiency and to allow students to self-evaluate their English skills.

What does TETET consist of?

This computer-based test consists of four parts: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each part consists of different test tasks as follows:Reading

  • Survival reading
  • Internet reading
  • Reading technical manuals
  • Reading e-mails


  • Writing reports
  • Writing memoranda
  • Writing e-mails


  • Listening in meetings
  • Listening to conversations
  • Listening on the telephone


  • Questions and answers
  • Longer business communication


The time allowed for the test is 2 hours.

Remark: Companies and institutions which would like a number of candidates to take the test can arrange for TETET to be given on-site.

Registration Fee:
TETET comes in 2 versions
Version A covers all 4 language skills and costs 700 baht per candidate.
Version B covers 3 skills (excluding speaking) and costs 500 baht per candidate.

Transportation fee is added for arranging TETET outside KMUTT.