M.A. in Applied English Studies: Program Learning Outcomes

PLO 1 Demonstrate applicable knowledge and skills of English and principles related to applied English studies

PLO1.1 Use English effectively in communicative contexts

PLO1.2 Apply principles related to applied English studies to effectively analyze language related issues.

PLO1.3 Evaluate the roles and influences of English at global and local levels


PLO 2 Perform effectively in professional English language contexts

PLO2.1 Apply relevant professional skills to manage tasks

PLO2.2 Use appropriate technology and communication tools to perform tasks

PLO2.3 Monitor and develop one’s own performance for professional development

PLO2.4 Exercise leadership and team working skills


PLO 3 Produce good quality research in applied English studies

PLO3.1 Select appropriate research paradigms and methodologies that conform ethical standards

PLO3.2 Conduct research that contributes to new concepts or understandings relevant to applied English studies

PLO3.3 Disseminate research to appropriate professional communities


PLO4 Instill personal development and social responsibility

PLO4.1 Demonstrate critical inquiry and positive attitudes towards life-long learning

PLO4.2 Demonstrate professional ethics, integrity and social responsibility to the professions and communities