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Carreon, J R; Tian, W

Communicating digital disruption by an online newspaper in Thailand (Proceeding)

The 1st International Conference on Science and Technology in Administration and Management Information, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2021.

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Tian, W W; Louw, S

It’s a win-win situation: Implementing appreciative advising in a pre-service teaching training programme (Journal)

2020, (ISI, Scopus, Q1).

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Tian, W; Dumlao, R P

Impacts of positioning, power, and resistance on EFL learners’ identity construction through classroom interaction: A perspective from critical classroom discourse analysis (Journal)

2020, (Scopus, Q1).

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Tian, W

Way in, way off and way back to SoLA: A transformational experience (Book Chapter)

Lucktong, A; Pojanapunya, P (Ed.): 20 years of SoLA Celebrating our past, inspiring our future, pp. 5-20, Sintavee Printing, Nonthaburi, 2020.

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Tian, W

Thai ethnic Chinese people's attitude toward Mandarin Chinese: A pilot study (Proceeding)

Rangsit University RSUSSH 2019: The 4th RSU National and International Research Conference on Science and Technology, social Science, and Humanities 2019 "Big Data and Face of Asia: Reflection in Science, Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities", Pathum Thani, Thailand, 2019.

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Tian, W W; French, T

Exploring Thai EFL learners’ learning outcomes from a real-world interview task: A sociocultural perspective (Journal)

2019, (Scopus, Q2).

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Tian, W; Louw, S

"They gave you alien": Appreciative advising and reflection in feedback on teaching practice in pre-service teacher training (Proceeding)

National University of Singapore CLaSIC 2018: The English CLS International Conference "Motivation, Identity and Autonomy in Foreign Language Education", Singapore, 2018.

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Tian, W; Singhasiri, W

Learning opportunities in PhD supervisory talks: A social constructionist perspective (Journal)

2016, (Scopus, Q2).

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Tian, W; Jimarkon, P; Singhasiri, W

Theorizing face-to-face PhD supervision by exploring supervisors' questioning patterns (Proceeding)

ELLS: The 1st International English Language and Literary Studies Conference “Expanding Horizons in English Language and Literary Studies", Bangkok, Thailand, 2011.

(BibTeX | Tags: Pattamawan Jimarkon, proceeding, Wareesiri Singhasiri, Wenwen Tian, ปัทมวรรณ จิมากร, วรีสิริ สิงหศิริ)

Tian, W; Jimarkon, P; Singhasiri, W

Designing a transcription system for face-to-face PhD supervisory discourse: A selective-specificity model (Proceeding)

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi DRAL: The International Conference on Doing Research in Applied Linguistics, Bangkok, Thailand, 2011.

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