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Tangkitjaroenkun, T; Nawarat, N; Jatuporn, O

Multicultural literature for multicultural education: Idealism, reality, and practicality in a Thai tertiary education context (Journal)

2022, (Scopus, Q2, ERIC, ACI, TCI).

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Dersingh, R; Tangkitjaroenkun, T; Thanarat, P

Investigating public signage in the border area of Nong Khai: Multilingualism at a crossroads (Journal)

2021, (TCI).

(Links | BibTeX | Tags: Journal, Rachanee Dersingh, TCI, Thanis Tangkitjaroenkun, ธนิศร์ ตั้งกิจเจริญกุล, รัชนี เดอร์ซิงห์)