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Watson Todd, R; Rangsarittikun, R

The hobby course: Towards a languaging curriculum (Journal)

2022, (ISI, Scopus, ERIC, Q1).

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Sano Nakao, N; Reinders, H

“This is the end.” A case study of a Japanese learner’s experience and regulation of anxiety (Journal)

2022, (WoS, Scopus, Q2, EBSCO).

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Tian, W W; Louw, S; Kamal Khan, M

Covid-19 as a critical incident: Reflection on language assessment literacy and the need for radical changes (Journal)

2021, (ISI, Scopus, Q1).

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A., Chamratrithirong.; Lucktong, A; Jampaklay, A; Ford, K

An analysis of the resilience process: The stimulus of mental strength and the role of community and family support amidst the civil violence in Thailand (Journal)

2020, (ISI, Scopus, Q2, Springer).

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Wongwandee, N; Kiratikara, K; Suwannathep, S; Assavarak, P; Bunnag, B

The changing forest utilization and management of Mlabri tribe at Bokluea District, Nan Province, Thailand (Journal)

2020, (WoS).

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