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Intraboonsom, C; Darasawang, P; Reinders, H

Teacher’s practices in fostering learner autonomy in a Thai university context (Journal)

2020, (Scopus, Q3).

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Lin, L; Reinders, H

Students’ and teachers’ readiness for autonomy: beliefs and practices in developing autonomy in the Chinese context (Journal)

2019, (ISI, Springer, Scopus, ERIC, Q2).

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Phung, L; Nakamura, S; Reinders, H

Learner engagement and subjective responses to tasks in an EFL context (Other)


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Stockwell, G; Reinders, H

Technology, motivation and autonomy, and teacher psychology in language learning: exploring the myths and possibilities (Journal)

2019, (ISI, Scopus, Q1).

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Jitpaisarnwattana, N; Reinders, H; Darasawang, P

Language MOOCs: An expanding field (Journal)


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Intraboonsom, C; Darasawang, P; Reinders, H

Thai teachers talk teacher autonomy (Proceeding)

Khon Kaen University IC-HUSO 2017: The 13th International Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences "People, Culture, Digital Connectivity and Social Changes", Khon Kaen, Thailand, 2017.

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Reinders, H; Loewen, S

Autonomy and language learning behaviour: The role of student initiation and participation in L2 classrooms (Journal)


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Reinders, H; Darasawang, P

Diversity in learner support (Book Chapter)

Stockwell, G (Ed.): Computer-Assisted Language Learners, pp. 49-70, CUP, Cambridge, 2012.

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