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Watson Todd, R; Rangsarittikun, R

The hobby course: Towards a languaging curriculum (Journal)

2022, (ISI, Scopus, ERIC, Q1).

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Boonmoh, A; Jumpakate, T; Saengmanee, S; Rungkaew, T

Integration of technology during the COVID-19 pandemic: Experience, challenges and needs of Thai EFL teachers (Journal)

2022, (Scopus, Q2, ERIC).

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Tangkitjaroenkun, T; Nawarat, N; Jatuporn, O

Multicultural literature for multicultural education: Idealism, reality, and practicality in a Thai tertiary education context (Journal)

2022, (Scopus, Q2, ERIC, ACI, TCI).

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T. Palayon, R; Watson Todd, R; Vungthong, S

Distinguishing the language of destructive cults from the language of mainstream religion: Corpus analyses of sermons (Journal)

2022, (Scopus, Q2, ERIC).

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Malawaet, N; Trakulkasemsuk, W

Use of adverbials in discussion sections of research articles in Thai and international journals (Journal)

2021, (Scopus, ERIC, TCI, Q2).

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Chudech, S; Janmaimool, P

University students' knowledge about and attitudes toward e-cigarette use and factors influencing students' e-cigarette use (Journal)

2021, (Scopus, Q2, ERIC).

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Watson Todd, R

How has business communication changed in the last 4,000 years? (Journal)

2020, (Scopus, TCI).

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Kanchanapoomi, T; Trakulkasemsuk, W

Laughter: A communication strategy in business meeting between Thai and Burmese professionals (Journal)

2020, (TCI).

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Armatthat, S; Jaturapitakkul, N

Thai students’ preferences regarding the personas of English language teachers (Journal)

2020, (ERIC, Scopus, ACI, TCI).

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Lin, L; Reinders, H

Students’ and teachers’ readiness for autonomy: beliefs and practices in developing autonomy in the Chinese context (Journal)

2019, (ISI, Springer, Scopus, ERIC, Q2).

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Loo, D B; Trakulkasemsuk, W; Zilli, P J

The state of the intercultural communicative competence: An exploration through trajectories in English teachers’ discourse (Journal)

2018, (ERIC, Scopus).

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Waiprakhon, T; Jaturapitakkul, N

Test-taking strategies used in the reading (Journal)

2018, (ERIC).

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Thanyathamrongkul, R; Singhasiri, W; Keyuravong, S

Language literacy, language education policy and classroom practices in a Thai primary school context (Journal)

2018, (Q2, Scopus, EBSCO, ERIC).

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Boonsem, A; Malarat, A

Factors affecting the behaviour and stages of readiness to change exercise behaviour among university students (Journal)

2018, (ERIC).

(Links | BibTeX | Tags: Aungkana Boonsem, ERIC, Journal, อังคนา บุญเสม)


Huadhom, N; Trakulkasemsuk, W

Syntactic analysis of online tourism slogans: frequency, forms and functions (Journal)

2017, (ERIC).

(Links | BibTeX | Tags: ERIC, Journal, Narumon Huadhom, Wannapa Trakulkasemsuk, นฤมล ฮวดหอม, วรรณภา ตระกูลเกษมสุข)


Steyn, S; Jaroongkhongdach, W

Formulaic sequences used by native English speaking teachers in a Thai primary school (Journal)

2016, (ERIC).

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Jaroongkhongdach, W

Idea sharing: Reporting verbs in research writing: Lessons from experts (Journal)

2015, (ERIC).

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Vidhayasai, T; Bunsom, T; Keyuravong, S

Investigating the use of Google Translate in "Terms and Conditions" in an airline's official website: Errors and implications (Journal)

2015, (ERIC).

(Links | BibTeX | Tags: ERIC, Journal, Sonthida Keyuravong, Thanis Bunsom, Tya Vidhayasai, ทยา วิทยาศรัย, ธนิศร์ บุญสม, สนธิดา เกยูรวงศ์)


Cherngchawano, W; Jaturapitakkul, N

Lexical profiles of Thailand university admission tests (Journal)

2014, (ERIC).

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Parnrod, U; Darasawang, P; Singhasiri, W

Styles, strategies & tasks: Are they related? (Journal)

2014, (ERIC).

(Links | BibTeX | Tags: ERIC, Journal, Pornapit Darasawang, Urarat Parnrod, Wareesiri Singhasiri, พรนภิส ดาราสว่าง, วรีสิริ สิงหศิริ, อุรารัตน์ ปานรอด)


Phasomyard, W; Jimarkon, P; Keyuravong, S

When affective factors change: A corpus-based analysis of students' reflections in English E-portfolio (Journal)

2013, (ERIC).

(Links | BibTeX | Tags: ERIC, Pattamawan Jimarkon, Sonthida Keyuravong, Wasana Phasomyard, ปัทมวรรณ จิมากร, วาสนา ผสมญาติ, สนธิดา เกยูรวงศ์)

Jaroongkhongdach, W

Idea sharing: Ten mistakes to avoid when writing a literature review (Journal)


(Links | BibTeX | Tags: ERIC, Journal, Woravut Jaroongkhongdach, วรวุฒิ จรุงคงเดช)


Tuksinvarajarn, A; Watson Todd, R

The E-pet: Enhancing motivation in E-portfolios (Journal)

2009, (ERIC).

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